On this page you can find voluntary return and reintegration programmes that are available for Guinea as well as further information about the country.

You can receive assistance for your voluntary return with the following programmes:

Voluntary Return Programmes

REAG/GARP: Your travel costs will be covered and you can receive financial travel assistance and one-time financial start-up assistance.

Talk to an IOM friend in Guinea

Virtual CounsellingVirtual Counselling

Are you thinking about returning to Guinea? You can contact Sekou at IOM in Conakry about your options.

WhatsApp: +224 625 209 202 (counselling only in English and French)

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For further information contact a counselling centre nearby.In the framework of ZIRF-Counselling you can ask specific questions regarding your country of origin through authorised counselling centres. The information will be researched by IOM on site and can help you make informed decisions and prepare your potential voluntary return.
Currently there is no individual inquiry available for this country in the ZIRF database. You are welcome to submit an individual inquiry via a ZIRF eligible counselling centre.