StarthilfePlus - Supplementary Reintegration Support in the Country of Origin

Since 2017, the REAG/GARP programme has been supplemented by the StarthilfePlus programme, which provides reintegration assistance to returnees in over 40 countries of origin.

A prerequisite for the granting of this additional support is that a voluntary return with the REAG/GARP programme is approved. Benefits depend on nationality. There is no entitlement to support.

In the future, further target countries can be served via the JRS programme and additional funding services can be accessed. Therefore, programme adjustments will be made as part of StarthilfePlus at the turn of the year 2023 in order to avoid double funding/structures.

Financial support in the target country (2nd start-up assistance)
Migrants of following countries, who voluntarily return with IOM under the REAG/GARP-Programme and receive financial start-up assistance, can get additional reintegration assistance for the following countries:
Algeria*, Armenia*, Bangladesh*, Benin, Burkina Faso, China, Colombia, Côte d'Ivoire, DR Congo, Egypt*, Ethiopia, The Gambia*, Ghana*, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, India, Iraq*, Cameroon, Kenya, Mali, Mongolia*, Morocco*, Niger, Nigeria*, Pakistan*, Russian Federation, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka*, Sudan, Togo, Tunisia, Turkey*, Viet Nam*

From 2023, the funding amounts in selected StarthilfePlus target countries (marked with*) will be lower, since funding services are offered as part of the JRS ("Joint Reintegration Services") in these respective countries.
Exception: In the case of vulnerability according to defined criteria and/or residence according to §§ 22-26 AufenthG, the regular funding amounts apply. This exemption only applies to component “2. Start-up assistance in the target country”.

Reintegration in the area of housing
Voluntary returnees who leave the country with the REAG/GARP programme and receive start-up assistance can receive additional reintegration support in the area of housing in the following target countries:
Azerbaijan, Iran, Lebanon, Tajikistan

Reintegration for people with long-term toleration (level D)
Migrants returning to their country of origin through the REAG/GARP-Programme and having been tolerated to stay in Germany for at least two years may receive a one time financial assistance as well as, if necessary, supplementary reintegration support as a benefit in kind in the areas of housing and medical costs:
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Montenegro, Serbia

For the target countries Albania, Georgia, Moldova and North Macedonia, reintegration support is limited to one-off financial support, since reintegration support within the framework of JRS will be available in these target countries as from 1 January, 2023.

Based on REAG/GARP, the reintegration support services mentioned are carried out by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) on behalf of the federal government. Information sheets, a country overview of the nationwide return programmes and the documents to be sent to IOM by the application-transmitting offices are available in the login area.