The ZIRF-Counselling project provides you with information in order to support you in making an informed decision or to prepare a potential voluntary return.

Through authorised counselling centres you can obtain up-to-date information researched by the IOM on-site regarding medical care, the labour market, the housing situation, education and trainings or social welfare. The IOM-project is part of the information centre for voluntary return (ZIRF) of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) and is financed by the German federal government and federal states.

The ZIRF-Counselling consists of two information services:

Individual inquiries:

If you have concrete, case-specific questions regarding your country of origin during your potential voluntary return, an authorised counselling centre can submit a ZIRF-inquiry (via email to: zirfcounselling@iom.int). It will then be forwarded to the IOM mission in the respective country of origin which researches the information. You will obtain the response through your counselling centre. The completed inquiries are then anonymised and archived. You can search for inquiries regarding specific countries, cities, and topics through entering your keywords into the search bar. Alternatively you can find already answered inquiries in the respective country information pages.

Country Fact Sheets:

The IOM missions compile up-to-date country information sheets (CFS) every year. These provide return-related information on the following topics: health care, labour market, housing, social services, education, children and further contact information on governmental and non-governmental bodies. They are available in German, English and the respective national languages.

Egypt, Ethiopia, Albania, Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, Côte d'Ivoire, Democratic Republic of the Congo, The Gambia, Ghana, Georgia, Guinea, India, Iraq, Iran, Kosovo, Lebanon, Morocco, Republic North Macedonia, Montenegro, Nigeria, Pakistan, Republic Moldova, Russian Federation, Senegal, Serbia, Tunesia, Turkey, Vietnam

Family Assessment:

In the case of voluntary return of unaccompanied minor migrants, the IOM offers a family assessment. For this purpose, the IOM contact the relatives/ legal guardian in the country of destination and visits them on site. This aims on the one hand to ensure the best interests of the child and to determine the best interests of the minor and to support the guardian in deciding regarding the voluntary return of the child. The Family Assessment can be applied for via the OAM.