On this page you can find voluntary return and reintegration programmes that are available for Iraq as well as further information about the country.

You can receive assistance for your voluntary return with the following programmes:

Voluntary Return Programmes

REAG/GARP: Your travel costs will be covered and you can receive financial travel assistance and one-time financial start-up assistance.

Talk to an IOM friend in Iraq

Virtual CounsellingVirtual Counselling

Are you thinking about returning to Iraq? You can contact Rawand, Aya and Lawzha at IOM in Baghdad, Erbil or Basrah about your options.

WhatsApp: +964 77 3201 5302

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ETTC Kurdistan Irak

The ETTC (European Technology and Training Centre) is a civil society organisation which implements activities aimed at professional development of employees in the public sector. It also supports returnees with their professional and social reintegration in Iraq.Based on the individual needs of returnees, the following services are offered:
- Reception at the airport
- Individual guidance
- Support with establishing a small-case business or finding a job
- Business start-up training and job fairs
- Support in finding a suitable educational track or (vocational) training
- Referral to healthcare institutions
- Support in finding useful contacts
- Administrative support
- Information about the country
ETTC´s main office and training centre is located in Erbil and its sub-office is located in Suleimaniyah. It also has focal points in Duhok, Kirkuk and Baghdad.
Newroz, Erbil 00964, Iraq
Tel: +964 750 727 9095

More Information

For further information contact a counselling centre nearby.In the framework of ZIRF-Counselling you can ask specific questions regarding your country of origin through authorised counselling centres. The information will be researched by IOM on site and can help you make informed decisions and prepare your potential voluntary return.Further information on possibilities in Iraq please visit