IOM is informing: Last flight in 2021 through REAG/GARP

19 November 2021

The IOM would like to inform that 17 December, 2021 will be the last flight day for the REAG/GARP programme year 2021.

The 2022 programme documents and the guidelines will be made available promptly so that a seamless transition into the new project year can be ensured.
The IOM will of course also receive applications during the turn of the year and process them in a timely manner.

For applications that have already been submitted to the IOM, the following rules apply for the transition between the programme years:
• REAG/GARP applications submitted in November and December 2021 will automatically be considered for the 2022 programme year.
• For applications that were submitted before 01 November, 2021, we ask that you promptly and informally respond to the respective OAM case if the application for the 2022 programme year is to be considered.

The IOM will continue to inform you of any future changes to the entry regulations (e.g. vaccination, test or quarantine requirements) due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Updates, due to the globally different infection rates, can arise at short notice.