CAROB Armenia: Applications through the project are no longer being accepted

17 September 2020

Applications through the CAROB project are no longer being accepted

The CAROB project is ongoing until 30 August, 2021, however, the formal acceptance of applications through the project has already ended on 30 August, 2020. Individuals who have departed to Armenia through the project will still receive reintegration assistance up until 30 August 2021. Since September 1, 2020 new applications for the CAROB Armenia project will not be accepted as the partnership project, which arose in cooperation with the French OFII, was not extended.

Funding for applicants with a CAROB Armenia funding certificate:
Individuals who received a funding certificate from the CAROB Armenia project and who left before September 1, 2020 are fully funded by the project. Individuals who have already received a CAROB Armenia Funding Certificate but have not yet left the country can no longer be funded through the project.
In order to offer reintegration assistance, please contact the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees at and submit an ERRIN application on behalf of applicants, stating that the applicant has already received a funding certificate through the CAROB Armenia project.

Will the application process for return counseling centers change?
Yes, please submit an ERRIN application for all Armenian returnees.