Explaining the return process: our multilingual video about voluntary return is now online

04 Juli 2018

Those who are interested in returning can also use the information portal to find out more about the options for voluntary return and reintegration in video format. An explanatory film developed jointly by IOM and BAMF shows support offers in several languages and illustrates how a voluntary return can take place.

For migrants who are considering voluntarily returning to their country of origin, technically easily accessible and compact information is essential. On the information portal www.ReturningfromGermany.de/en an explanatory video offers the opportunity to familiarize oneself with the subject of voluntary return for the first time and to get to know support services and the process of voluntary departure. The spoken information in the explanatory film is illustrated throughout by animations so that the complex funding structures and procedures are easier to understand.

Focus on individual counselling
The explanatory video places a special focus on the importance of individual and non-binding counselling for those interested in returning. This is how the core function of the information platform www.ReturningfromGermany.de is presented, which enables a nearby counselling centre to be found via a comprehensive database. The film also emphasizes that attending counselling has no influence on an ongoing asylum procedure and does not oblige you to leave the country.

Dealing with the option of voluntary return is a difficult step for many migrants. The explanatory video offers a first, simple opportunity to approach this topic and then, if necessary, to contact a counseling center,” explains Monica Goracci, former director of IOM Germany. "Individual and non-binding return advice is essential, since an informed decision is the basic requirement for a voluntary return."

Transparency for an informed decision
"With the explanatory video on voluntary return, the IOM and BAMF have created an additional information service that informs those interested in returning, especially migrants who are not entitled to stay, transparently and comprehensibly about support for voluntary return," summarizes Corinna Wicher, group leader for international tasks and EU fund administration in the Federal Office. "The explanatory video thus lays the foundation for obtaining specific information about individual perspectives in the country of origin and for using existing support offers."

The animated explanatory video, which is integrated into the information portal on www.ReturningfromGermany.de, is therefore a supplementary component of a comprehensive information structure on voluntary return and reintegration: Early return information in the BAMF branch offices, the counselling of the Zentralstelle für Informationsvermittlung zur Rückkehrförderung (ZIRF) and a central return hotline are available as sources of information for those interested in returning. When designing the information offered, the IOM and the Federal Office draw on feedback from migrants and practitioners.

Nine language versions
In addition to German, the explanatory video is available in eight other languages: English, Arabic, Farsi, Dari/Farsi, Russian, French, Pashto, Serbian and Albanian. This means that the film can also be used specifically in return counselling as introductory information.