Virtual Counselling is now available in 19 countries!

15 May 2021

Are you thinking about returning to your country of origin? Talk to an IOM friend!

Our IOM colleagues in the respective countries are available to counsel interested migrants and answer their specific questions about the voluntary return and reintegration process. Virtual counselling is anonymous, unbiased and individual.

The pilot project Virtual Counselling offers voluntary return and reintegration counselling to migrants in Germany by IOM staff members in their respective countries of origin. Online counselling uses different forms and technical means for communication, such as video calls, live chats or phone conversations. Within the scope of this project, native speakers at IOM offices will provide information on the situation in the countries of origin and the many return assistance programmes provided by the German Government to migrants who wish to return voluntarily. Virtual Counselling is available for Albania, Algeria, Armenia, Bangladesh, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ethiopia, Georgia, Ghana, Guinea, Iraq, Kosovo, Montenegro, Nigeria, North Macedonia, Pakistan, Russian Federation, Serbia, The Gambia and Viet Nam.

Interested migrants can get connected through whatsapp, skype and facebook.

Contact details can be found on the project page of Virtual Counselling or on the respective country pages.