ZIRF individual requests can now be sent online

05 Dezember 2019

Specific country information can now be forwarded and requested via the Online Application Module

Since 2006, return counselling centres have been able to send their individual inquiries for country information to IOM missions via the ZIRF project. As the process has been digitized, eligible counsellors can now send their requests online via the OAM.

ZIRF´s aim is to provide up-to-date information to return counsellors whose work with migrants interested in returning to their countries of origin requires in-depth knowledge about different countries of destination.

As part of an ongoing digitization process, the process of requesting country information through the ZIRF project has been digitized and integrated into the existing online application module (OAM). We are pleased to inform you that as of today, all ZIRF-requesting entities can also submit their individual ZIRF inquiries to IOM via the OAM. If you haven´t signed-up to the OAM, we recommend that you register to access the ZIRF module.

For further questions, please contact the ZIRF counselling team on zirfcounselling@iom.int