REAG/GARP 2.0: Supportive form in case of suspicion of improper use of return assistance

04 July 2024

In recent months, the topic of the possible improper use of return assistance by people interested in returning, especially from Turkey, has been discussed repeatedly. The Federal Office and the states have dealt intensively with this problem and decided to devote more attention to this issue in the future as part of REAG/GARP 2.0.

As of now, application submitting bodies (AÜS's) have the option of reporting suspicions of improper use of return assistance to the Federal Office using a separate form. This form can be submitted together with the REAG/GARP 2.0 application in the online application module (OAM) and helps to identify possible signs of improper use. The Federal Office will examine each suspicion and decide on it.

The form offers the opportunity to provide detailed information on assessing a suspicion and should be used in particular if doubts arise during the consultation about the motives of the person submitting the return assistance. Additional information on the circumstances of entry or the length of stay in Germany can help to better assess suspicions of improper use.

The Federal Office is aware that the requirement for an individual justification in the event of suspicion means additional effort. However, the aim of the federal and state governments is that the humanitarian return program REAG/GARP 2.0 only supports people who, on the one hand, are eligible for funding and, on the other hand, did not enter Germany with the intention of receiving return assistance, for example. This measure is also a requirement of the administrative procedure, since the reduction of funding in such cases represents a (partial) rejection of the REAG/GARP 2.0 application.

The form “Suspected improper use of return assistance” can be accessed in the download area of ​​ReturningfromGermany. Its use is not mandatory or a prerequisite for determining an attempted improper use.

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