The REAG/GARP programme supports you financially and organisationally when you voluntarily return to your home country or migrate on to another country.


Due to the ongoing effects of the corona pandemic, voluntary returns via the REAG/GARP programme cannot currently proceed as usual. The Federal Government, the Federal States and IOM have agreed to carry out temporary bridging measures until normal operation is resumed. Up-to-date information is published continously on this page and will communicated by newsletters by the IOM, the Federal Government and the Federal States.

All the parties involved are currently developing strategies to make voluntary returns possible again in the near future. Until then, REAG/GARP applications can still be submitted to the IOM via the return counselling centres. People interested in a return can also express their interest via the contact or by pre-registering through the MiRA platform. If return possibilities are known beyond the current information on this website, these can be communicated to the IOM by the forwarding authority on submission of an application.

A list with the currently applicable provisions for individual target countries can be found here.
Further information can also be found on the Information page of the Federal Foreign Office.

Hygiene tips for the prevention of infection with COVID-19 can be downloaded from the downloads area of ​​this page.

The REAG/GARP programme helps you to return to your country of origin or to migrate on to another country. It supports you in the organisation of your journey and pays the costs for the travel ticket. Further support for reintegration is available for many countries through the StarthilfePlus programme. To find out whether you can receive StarthilfePlus, please visit the page for your country.

In the explanatory video on the start page you can see what a voluntary return might look like.

What support is available?
How much help you can receive depends on your nationality and other factors.
This is how you could be helped:
- Flight or bus ticket:
travel costs from the place of residence to the airport or (bus) station;
- Money for the journey: 200 EUR per person* (100 EUR per person under 18 years of age);
- Medical support: maximum of 2,000 EUR for up to three months after arrival in the country of destination;
- One-time support: 1,000 EUR per person (500 EUR per person under 18 years of age, maximum of 3,500 EUR per family)

*People from certain countries who were able to enter Germany without a visa receive less money for the trip. These are: Republic of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Republic of Northern Macedonia, Montenegro, Republic of Moldova, Republic of Serbia and Ukraine.

NOTE: extra rate
If you wish to leave Germany again after only a short time, you receive 500 EUR financial support (up to 2 months after the asylum decision has been issued). This is a fixed amount, whether you are travelling alone or with your family. The support is independent of your reasons for leaving the country.

Who can apply for REAG/GARP?
a) Persons from non-EU countries
who are currently in the asylum procedure,
whose asylum application has been rejected and are clearly obliged to leave the country and,
who are entitled to asylum or have discretionary leave to remain can receive REAG/GARP.

b) Persons from the EU who have become victims of human trafficking or forced prostitution can apply for assistance.

Please note: IOM does not support travel to SyriaLibya or Yemen due to the tensions in these countries. Voluntary return to Eritrea and Somalia has to be assessed on a case-by-case basis. The processing may therefore take longer. You can find further information on your country's page.

Before you decide on voluntary return, you should obtain advice. You can therefore only apply for REAG/GARP through a counselling centre. There are independent and governmental counselling centres. Independent counselling centres are, for example, organisations or charities. Governmental counselling centres are available at social welfare offices or foreigners' registration offices. Here you can find counselling centres for voluntary return in your area.

Process Process

Required documents
In order to leave voluntarily, you need a valid travel document, e.g. passport, passport replacement document, residence permit. Some countries also allow their nationals to enter with an EU laissez-passer. You can obtain this through the foreigners' registration office. The embassy or consulate can also issue an Emergency Travel Certificate or equivalent replacement document.

If you come from an African country you often first need a booking confirmation from IOM. Then you can apply for your travel document at your country's embassy. If you are travelling to a country other than your country of origin, you will need a 1-year immigration visa from the embassy or consulate.

Medical cases
Return can also be carried out in the event of illness or disability. In this case, the process of leaving the country may take longer. This depends on the illness and the medical reports required. Medical cases should always be entered on the application.

If you are pregnant, you will need proof from your doctor that you are fit to fly.