Caritas Serbia

Caritas Serbia is a humanitarian organisation of the Catholic Church and a member of the international Caritas network with national associations in more than 160 countries worldwide. Since 1995, Caritas Serbia has provided humanitarian aid and assistance to people in need, regardless of their nationality, religion or beliefs.

Within the project „Counselling Centre for Returnees - Caritas Serbia“, a counselling center was established in 2017 in Belgrade, which provides counselling, orientation and in-kind support to returnees, regardless of whether they were asylum seekers, tolerated refugees or persons without valid residence permits in Germany prior to their return. In addition, the Caritas Counselling Center makes referrals to other local or international organisations which provide in-kind aid, employment programmes and vocational training opportunities for returnees.

The Caritas Counselling Center also works directly and closely with various return counselling centers, authorities and institutions in Germany – both, pre- and post-departure – to facilitate and accelerate the return reintegration process.

All services provided by the Caritas Counselling Center are free of charge. The project is sponsored by the Lower Saxon Ministry of Interior and Sports, the International Department of Caritas Germany and Caritas Serbia.

Caritas Serbia
Counselling Center for Returnees
Vojvode Stepe 113 / lok. 7
11000 Belgrade

Open: Monday to Friday, from 10am to 3pm

Phone: +381 11 391 2612 and +381 64 886 6803 (Viber/WhatsApp)
Facebook: caritassrbije.savetovaliste
Instagram: caritas_savetovaliste