AWO Kosovo

AWO Nuremberg in Kosovo – Support for returnees and their families

The primary goal of the return project is the sustainable reintegration of voluntary returnees from Germany to their country of origin, Kosovo.

AWO counselling centre is often the first point of contact, coordination, and assignment for individuals who want to or have to return to their country of origin. At an AWO counselling centre, perspectives, possibilities, and opportunities for a new beginning in Kosovo are discussed. Counselling is non-binding, open-ended, and tailored to the individual circumstances of the returnee.

AWO Nuremberg has been active in Kosovo since January 2007. A counselling centre in Prishtina opened in March 2009. The counselling centre supports individuals who return voluntarily from Germany to Kosovo with the issues and problems that they might face upon return. Additionally, mobile consultation provides consultation for persons who are unable to visit the counselling centre themselves. The home visits serve to better assess the situation of those seeking counselling to be able to provide assistance as needed.

Those who seek counselling learn about AWO from return counselling centres in Germany. Or from volunteers, friends, and acquaintances. Furthermore, the Ministry of the Interior of Kosovo refers individuals who are not eligible for support by the state to AWO. AWO also assists returnees with administrative matters in Germany, such as: obtaining school certificates and/or birth certificates.

AWO Nuremberg supports families, single women, and men in vulnerable social situations. For example, AWO Nuremberg provides chronically ill persons with medical care assistance through the payment of medication and treatment fees. In addition, families receive financial support for school supplies and travel allowance to school. Support in the form of building materials and furnishings such as renovation support, can also be covered. AWO also provides wage subsidies and start-up assistance.

The project is funded by the German Federal Foreign Office and the federal state of Bavaria.

In Germany: Ms. Martina Sommer (Head of Unit)
Tel. +49 911 2741 40 11
In Kosovo: Mr. Nezir Kolgeci
Tel. +382 9 227 262