Virtual Counselling

What is Virtual Counselling?

Virtual counselling is online counselling that is offered to migrants who reside in Germany, but who are interested in returning to their countries of origin. Counselling takes place online and is conducted by IOM return counsellors. IOM's counsellors reside in more than 16 countries. They speak the native language and are there to provide information on the situation in the countries of origin and on the return and reintegration assistance programmes that are provided by the German Government.

How can I contact a counsellor through Virtual Counselling?

You can contact a counsellor via different online messenger services such as Whatsapp, Facebook and Skype. The contact details for your country can be found here.

Is virtual Counselling available in all countries?

Virtual Counselling is currently available for 16 countries: Albania, Armenia, Bangladesh, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ethiopia, Georgia, Ghana, Guinea, The Gambia, Iraq, Kosovo, Montenegro, Nigeria, the Republic of North Macedonia, Pakistan and Serbia. If your county is not included in the list, you can still find a counsellor near your area of residence. Click here to search for a counselling centre.