MEDA (Medical assistance cases)

Does IOM have to be informed about an applicant´s health issues?


Throughout the process of an application, IOM has to be informed about all health issues, including pregnancies. This includes both physical and mental impairments. Each case is reviewed by medical professionals at IOM. The medical professional then decides about the extent of special arrangements for departure.

What is a medical case or a MEDA case?


Individuals who suffer from an acute or chronic impairment, be it mental or physical, and who wish to return to their country of origin or a third receptive country are treated as a medical case (MEDA case). An applicant in need of medical assistance receives the care needed, before, during, and after the return journey.

Which documents are required for a medical case (also known as MEDA case)?


The documents required are:
• A declaration of consent for the transfer of medical data (an authorisation form)
• A Medical report in English. The report is valid for two weeks and should include the following information:
- Diagnosis
- Disease/therapeutic process
- Prognosis/recommendation for further treatment
- Medication needed

Other required documents are:
• The MEDIF/MEDA form of the airline. This document is valid for seven days.
• A fit-to-fly certificate
• The medication plan (with a prescription & cost estimate, if IOM is to bear the costs)
• Wheelchair information
• In case of mental illness: confirmation of the intellectual ability to make the decision to return voluntarily

What are the tasks of the counselling centre or the authority forwarding the application?


The counselling centre is responsible for:

  • The Timely procurement of all necessary documents
    - Contacting the family in the destination country when applicable
    - Obtaining a final medical examination, if applicable
    - The submission of all refundable documents on time