31. August 2018

Housing Allowance with StarthilfePlus as of 15 September

As of 15 September 2018, the federal programme StarthilfePlus offers additional reintegration assistance for housing again.

Migrants who are returning to their countries of origin with StarthilfePlus can receive additional in-kind contributions. For example, support for rent, construction or renovation works, or for basic facilities for a kitchen or bathroom. Depending on individual needs, a maximum of 3,000 EUR for families and a maximum of 1,000 EUR for single persons can be offered through reintegration assistance. The concrete form of support upon the return will be coordinated with IOM´s office in your country of destination. The application for the reintegration assistance with the name “Your Country. Your Future. Now!” will be filed together with the StarthilfePlus application and needs to be submitted to IOM until 15 January 2019.

Note: Persons who receive Stage S or Stage D StarthilfePlus support, as well as persons who return voluntarily to a receiving third country or the Palestinian Autonomous Territories or Somalia, cannot receive reintegration assistance for housing.

„Dein Land. Deine Zukunft. Jetzt!“ is an expansion of the federal programme StarthilfePlus.

You can find more information under: https://www.returningfromgermany.de/en/programmes/starthilfe-plus