13. May 2019

It´s our two-year anniversary!

Today, we celebrate the information portal´s second anniversary and the on-going benefits it brings to both migrants and return counsellors.

In just two years, ReturningfromGermany has become the go-to website for more than 950 return counsellors across Germany, who counsel beneficiaries about the return and reintegration options that are available to them. As information is power, the portal is equally important to migrants who are considering going back to their country of origin or a third hosting country. On the portal, migrants can get initial info on Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration (AVRR) and can have an overview of programs that are available in Germany; including the application process, information about the country of origin (employment, housing, continuous education, medical support etc.). Migrants can also use the search function to find a counselling centre close by and to meet with a counsellor personally. Return counsellors counsel on the support possibilities that are available to interested migrants as per their residence status and nationality. This enables migrants to make an informed decision about a return that is safe, orderly, and dignified.

The information portal on voluntary return and reintegration is continuously undergoing expansion and improvements to assist all those who use it in the best way possible. Earlier this year, the website´s search tool was refined further to include an interactive map that showcases in-depth search results by states and regions, and a function that allows users to re-define their search by specialized program. In addition, the new ZIRF Counselling database has gotten a new home on the portal. In addition, the Virtual Counselling project is currently open to migrants who are interested in voluntary return and reintegration. The virtual counselling project will offer migrants the opportunity to conduct virtual counselling with an IOM-colleague from their country of origin and in their mother tongue; to discuss the current situation at the country of origin, and the options that are available to them upon their return.

More changes will be rolled-out soon. Stay posted!