Frontex pilot project reintegration (05/2021 – 03/2022)

19 April 2021

As a result of the EU mandate expansion, Frontex will also take over parts of the previous ERRIN project from mid-2022. Frontex is carrying out a pilot project (05/2021 - 03/2022) in four target countries to coordinate and implement reintegration assistance: Ethiopia, Armenia, Brazil (without German participation) and Ukraine.

Germany (BAMF) is participating in this pilot project alongside five other European countries. As a reintegration partner (service provider), Caritas International coordinates and supports all reintegration measures with other local partner organizations. The contact details for the reintegration partners are largely the same as for the ERRIN project (exception: Armenia).

The application process for this pilot project and the amount of reintegration assistance are identical to those in the previous ERRIN project. Only a separate application form (for the target countries Ethiopia, Armenia and Ukraine) is available for this and must be sent with ID proof to:

The electronic registration of the applications will initially be carried out by the BAMF and will take place for the first time in the online platform "RIAT - Reintegration Assistance Tool" developed by the EU-COM. In the future, RIAT will be expanded for further reintegration projects and used for the exchange of communication with project partners (data security) as well as knowledge storage.

The pilot project is designed for a capacity of approx. 260 people. If the available funding places are exhausted, the BAMF will reassign further requests for support to the regular ERRIN project.