The BAMF informs: Start of RIAT 2.0

19 December 2023

RIAT (Reintegration Assistance Tool) is the central data management system for JRS (Joint Reintegration Services) applications. On Monday, January 15, 2024, RIAT 2.0, an upgrade of the previous system, will go live. RIAT 1.0 will be shut down on Friday, January 12, 2024 in order to migrate the data (cases and user profiles). This means that no JRS applications can be submitted, changed or approved in RIAT in the period from January 12, 2024 until the official launch of RIAT 2.0.

The main new features are:

  • Improved performance: RIAT 2.0 is based on Drupal 10 technology and therefore offers significantly improved speed and performance.
  • Simplified administration: The new system offers a more intuitive and user-friendly way of access management.
  • Independent platform: RIAT 2.0 will be operated independently and no longer on the EMN IES.
  • New look and feel: Enjoy a modern user interface for improved usability and interaction.
  • Seamless data migration: All user accounts, access permissions, encryption passwords and case data will be seamlessly transferred to the new platform. You can log in to RIAT 2.0 with your current username and password.

Transition phase and training:

  • Weekly updates by e-mail: To ensure that the changeover goes as smoothly as possible, the system will send weekly e-mails to all RIAT users about the current status of RIAT 2.0.
  • Demo sessions: In calendar week 2/2024, approx. 30-minute demo sessions on RIAT 2.0 will take place to provide an initial insight into the new system.
  • Training sessions: This will be followed by approx. 45-minute training sessions on the use of RIAT 2.0 in CW 3/2024.
  • Both the demo and the training courses will be recorded and will be available the following week at The exact times of the events can also be found here.
  • Question-and-answer sessions: In week 5/2024, question-and-answer sessions will be offered in which individual questions can be asked.
  • RIAT training courses by the BAMF: From the end of February 2024, monthly RIAT training courses on registration and case recording will again be offered by the BAMF. You will then find the exact training dates as usual in the Login area.