REAG/GARP 2.0: Registration in the Online Application Module (OAM)

26 January 2024

Applications for REAG/GARP 2.0 can continue to be submitted as usual in 2024 via the Online Application Module (OAM) by registered application submitting bodies (AÜS).

However, each AÜS must re-register for the use of the OAM in 2024 if the data migration offer has not been approved by the IOM. The background is that the OAM systems for 2023 (IOM) and 2024 (BAMF) are separate from each other for data protection reasons.

Registration process:
1. Access the OAM via the link
2. Click “Register”. An input mask opens. Please provide the required data.
3. Then download the registration form.
4. Fill out the registration form completely with your signature and stamp.
5. Then upload a scan of the completed registration form in the designated location.
6. Enter the CAPTCHA code at the end of the input mask and finally click on “register”.
7. Your registration will then be checked and approved by the BAMF.

After releasing your user account, you can create additional user profiles for your AÜS. If you would like to grant administration rights to another user account, please send an email to with the name of the person who should receive administration rights. A maximum of two administrator profiles can be stored for each AÜS.

If you have any further questions about registration, please contact

Important note:
If you still want to access old cases, you can do so via the link To register, you must use your old login details for OAM 2023.

Your REAG/GARP 2.0 development team