Programmes for Preparation in Germany

Here you can find pre-vocational and academic courses in Germany for migrants interested in voluntary return. These programmes provide qualifications in a variety of fields and languages.

Professional qualification

Practice-oriented introductory and certificate coursesStartHope@Home
StartHope@Home offers refugees who are interested in voluntary return, a comprehensive 6-week qualification program, to prepare them for self-employment in their country of origin.
Educational Centre Handwerk Duisburg and Der Bunte Tisch e.V.
"Rückkehr in Würde" (Return in Dignity)
The project offers hands-on introductory courses in the basics of electrical engineering, metal construction, painters, plumbing, heating and air conditioning. Therefore, migrants can gain basic qualifications in the relevant fields.
Frankfurter Verein für Soziale Heimstätten e.V.
In these courses, migrants interested in voluntary return can acquire basic qualifications in electrical engineering, painting and decorating, metal construction, carpentry, textile production / tailoring as well as in gastronomy.
Baden-Württemberg Chamber of Engineers
This institution offers migrants with a degree in civil engineering the opportunity to refresh their knowledge with experts on current topics.
Sparkassen Foundation for international Cooperation e.V.
This course offers simulation games in the field of business start-up and budget planning, where business-oriented basics can be acquired through practical exercises.
DVV - Continuing Education for Returnees
Within its project, the German Adult Education Association (Deutscher Volkshochschul-Verband, DVV) offers accessible training and development modules via cooperating Adult Education Centers (Volkshochschulen) in order to facilitate a sustainable social and economic reintegration of returnees in their countries of origin.

Further education

Kiron - Open Higher Education for Refugees
This platform offers online college-level courses in Business & Economics, Social Work and Computer Science.