Practice-oriented certificate courses of the Frankfurter Verein für Soziale Heimstätten e.V.

In these courses, migrants interested in voluntary return can acquire basic qualifications in electrical engineering, painting and decorating, metal construction, carpentry, textile production / tailoring as well as in gastronomy.
The GIZ in cooperation with the Frankfurter Verein für Soziale Heimstätten e.V. gives an opportunity for migrants to obtain basic skills through 6-month courses in the craft occupational fields specified below. The participants have the chance to obtain three certificates during this course. Attendance should be arranged with the responsible Immigration Office, especially if you are not registered in Frankfurt am Main.Programmes:
Electrical engineering
Safety at work, types of current, measuring, testing and safety technology, switching of building services, cable cross sections
Safety at work, filling, painting, wallpapering, designing, creating drywall
Metal construction
Safety at work, basics of metalworking, working with lathes, milling, cutting, construction and assembly, welding
Safety at work, manual techniques and machine ingeneering, surface finishing, sawing processes, installation of door and window elements, creation of timber joints
Textile manufacturing/Tailoring
Safety at work, cutting, tailoring, sewing
Safety at work, payment options, beverage outlets, tasks of a Concierege at events, hygiene rules, incoming goods
German (A2 language level)
None (Travel expenses are paid. If you come from another region, you can stay for fre in the accommodation of the Frakfurter Verein for the duration of the course.)
6 months
Frankfurt am Main
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Frankfurter Verein für soziale Heimstätten
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