JRS-Programme (Joint Reintegration Services)

As a continuation of the European ERRIN project, which ended on 30 June 2022, the JRS programme ("Joint Reintegration Services") was launched on 1 April 2022. This offers individual reintegration assistance for returnees in their countries of origin. The BAMF remains responsible for coordinating reintegration assistance at the national level.

The European JRS programme is funded by Frontex and implemented by five reintegration partners: Caritas International Belgium, WELDO, IRARA, European Technology and Training Centre (ETTC), Life Makers Foundation.

JRS assistance is currently available in the following countries of origin (geographical extensions of JRS assistance are planned for 2022/23):

Egypt, Ethiopia, Algeria, Armenia, Bangladesh, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, India, Iraq, Mongolia, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia (not Somaliland), Sri Lanka, Turkey and Vietnam.

There are some changes associated with the JRS programme compared to its predecessor project ERRIN:

1. Application process via RIAT

An application can only be submitted via the data management system RIAT (https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/emn-ies/). All processes are processed there. RIAT is a closed system with access only for authorized persons and meets the requirements of the European General Data Protection Regulation.

JRS applications should be registered in good time (approx. 2-3 weeks) before a planned departure in RIAT. Missing documents (e.g. confirmed departure date) can also be entered in RIAT at a later date. There is a special regulation for the additional support of the "Post Arrival Package" (see point 4; only applies to vulnerable people): The JRS application must be entered in RIAT at least four (!) weeks before the actual departure and important documents (e.g. Departure dates, medical findings) should already be included with the registration.
Internet Explorer cannot be used for technical reasons. An alternative web browser such as Google Chrome should be used.

To use RIAT, participation in the (two-part) training course is required in advance in order to go through the registration and authentication process. All information on the RIAT training courses offered can be found in the login area on https://ReturningfromGermany.de/en. Please register in advance in the login area.

For questions about RIAT, please contact: RIATsupport@bamf.bund.de

2. Subsequent application

Returned/repatriated persons may still receive support after their arrival in their country of origin. For this purpose, the reintegration partner must be contacted (contact details see flyer) immediately (at the latest within 3 months) after arrival, and proof of identity must be presented.

3. Eligible persons

JRS assistance can be obtained from:
a) third-country nationals who have not yet received a final negative decision on their asylum application/procedure or application for any other form of protection
b) Third-country nationals who do not (or no longer) fulfil the requirements for legal entry or legal residence in Germany and/or in another Member State (e.g. persons who are obliged to leave the country or persons with a tolerated stay permit).

Support is possible for both those returning voluntarily and those who have been repatriated (see 2.).

4. Scope and amount of JRS assistance

JRS distinguishes between short-term and long-term support (Post Arrival Package/Post Return Package):

a) Short-term support (Post Arrival Package - up to three days after arrival):
• Airport pickup
• Onward transport to destination
• Necessary overnight stays before reaching the destination
• Additional medical needs
• Family reunification for unaccompanied minors

b) Long-term support (Post Return Package - within a maximum of 12 months after departure):
• Housing support
• Medical needs for serious illnesses
• School and vocational training measures
• Advice on job opportunities and help in finding a job
• Support in setting up a (own) business
• Family reunion
• Legal advice and administrative support
• Psychosocial support.

The JRS assistance is generally granted as benefits in kind. The amount of support is based on the following amounts:

• Voluntary return (main applicant): EUR 2,000.00
• Each additional family member: EUR 1,000.00
• Determined vulnerability*: once additionally EUR 615.00 EUR
• Repatriated persons: EUR 1,000.00

*Vulnerability: Vulnerability must be proofen. Considered as vulnerable are people over 60 years of age, people with a serious illness (e.g. dialysis), returning single parents with underage children, pregnant women returning alone, unaccompanied minors, victims of human trafficking and forced prostitution.

The additional amount (EUR 615) must be claimed from the reintegration partner within three days of arrival.

5. Contact with the reintegration partner prior to return

All reintegration partners are available for contact prior to return. This supplementary offer (in the national language) serves in particular to help returnees prepare for their return and to clarify other questions about the JRS programme. The focus of this conversation should be on the organisational process after arrival, realistic reintegration prospects and other personal needs. The actual reintegration project - often already addressed in the JRS application - is determined individually after arrival between the reintegration partner and the returnee.

We ask the return counselling centres to point out the offer of early contact. The contact details of all reintegration partners can be found in the information sheets (download, right-hand side).

The BAMF will be happy to provide further information on JRS assistance at: reintegration@bamf.bund.de