Reintegration project for voluntary returnees to Somalia and Somaliland

The project, financed by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF), supports voluntary returnees in their reintegration and reintegration in Somalia / Somaliland.

Important notification
Please note that the application phase for the national reintegration project in Somalia/Somaliland has ended as planned. Departures from 01 July, 2022 are only eligible for funding via the new Frontex JRS programme (Joint Reintegration Services).

It is carried out by the BAMF in cooperation with the International Return and Reintegration Assistance (IRARA) organization. This is done immediately after arrival in Somalia/Somaliland in order to support the returnees in the first six months after their arrival.

The following eligibility criteria must be met:

  • People who are interested in funding must have resided in Germany for at least three consecutive months
  • Funding is only possible in connection with a REAG/GARP application
  • Interested persons can submit a registration to the BAMF via the return counselling centres by 31 March, 2022. The fully completed registration form must be submitted at least 5 working days before departure to

Please note that registration is not automatically linked to the granting of benefits. Only in the context of an on-site consultation will a decision be made about the eligibility and the type and scope of any funding.

Scope of reintegration assistance

  • Reception and needs-based support at the airport (if desired and requested in due time)
  • Assistance on arrival (arrangements for onward travel, provision of emergency or temporary accommodation, urgent medical care)
  • Support in setting up a business (support in drawing up a business plan as well as in founding a small business)
  • Assistance in accessing adult education and training
  • Accompanying and advising the returnees (if necessary, organizing additional and professional support)

As part of personal advice, the on-site counsellors identify the individual needs of the returnees and work with them to develop a tailor-made plan for reintegration in Somalia/Somaliland. The reintegration plan can include various advisory and support services as well as financial support (benefits in kind).

Amount of benefits in kind
Individual: up to EUR 3,000
Spouse: up to EUR 500
Per child: up to EUR 350
Vulnerable persons *: one-time additional up to EUR 500 (please enclose evidence)

The maximum amount of EUR 6,000 per family cannot be exceeded (not even if you are vulnerable).

*Unaccompanied minors, single parents with minor children, people over the age of 60, people with special medical needs, disabilities, pregnant women, victims of human trafficking and prostitution are considered vulnerable.

Sign up
In order to be able to use reintegration services, advance registration is required (see right column under download). The registration form must be completed in full and signed by the returnee (applicant). Identity documents (e.g. passport, passport substitute papers, travel documents), the REAG/GARP permit and the flight confirmation must be enclosed with the registration. All documents must be sent as separate scan documents to the e-mail address given on the form. In the case of school-age children, a certificate from the school they have attended should be attached.

The processing time can take 5 working days. Submitting agencies are therefore asked to register early.

From registration to implementation of reintegration assistance
Registration is made with a local authority, state authority or a return counseling center. The BAMF usually receives the registration by email and checks it for eligibility. If the necessary requirements for funding are met, the BAMF forwards the approval to IRARA and the office submitting the application. After leaving the country, the returnees contact IRARA Somalia/Somaliland. In the context of counseling sessions in the country of origin, the individual support needs are determined together with the returnees. This results in the amount of funding and a reintegration project specified in writing. This must then be checked and approved by the BAMF before the reintegration assistance can be implemented.

The reintegration support from IRARA Somalia/Somaliland should be completed within 6 months after departure. In order to guarantee the reintegration services in full, the departure must take place by 30 April, 2022 at the latest.

Important note
In order to be able to guarantee a quick processing of the registration, the sending of the following information is required:

  • Details of the destination and contact details in the country of origin
  • Signature of Applicant
  • Information on the required reintegration support (in English)
  • Valid identity documents for all persons leaving the country (e.g. passport, passport substitute paper, EU laissez passer)
  • medical certificates
  • Departure date

Other notes
The project supports reintegration after returning. Any costs incurred in preparation for departure (e.g. consultation, travel costs for the procurement of travel documents) are not eligible. If returnees cannot finance their departure costs themselves, there is an additional funding option through the humanitarian return programme REAG/GARP.

Under Downloads there is a funding leaflet that gives an overview of all available return and reintegration programmes for Somalia/Somaliland.

There is no legal entitlement to any assistance.