CAROB Armenia

New funding applications cannot be considered for the CAROB project. The implementation phase of the reintegration plans of individuals who have been sponsored is currently taking place. It will last until 31 August, 2021. Starting 01 September, 2020 all returnees to Armenia will now receive reintegration support via the ERRIN program.

Key elements of the programme
- individual support following voluntary return to Armenia by means of skilled and comprehensive local assistance;
- extension of the cooperation with France in the area of return and reintegration;
- development and implementation of innovative concepts in the area of reintegration;
- gaining and exchanging insights for the further development of the project and for cooperation with European partner countries

Scope of the reintegration assistance
CAROB Armenia offers the following benefits in kind
• Support in the social area (incl. assistance in finding accommodation, school attendance for children, and in dealing with the authorities) and in medical matters
• Support in finding employment and vocational training or
• Support in setting up business