Educational Centre Handwerk Duisburg and Der Bunte Tisch e.V.

The project „Rückkehr in Würde“ (Return in Dignity) offers hands-on introductory courses in the basics of electrical engineering, metal construction, painters, plumbing, heating and air conditioning. Therefore, migrants can gain basic qualifications in the relevant fields.
The project "Rückkehr in Würde" (Return to Dignity) offers a possibility for migrants interested in voluntary return to gain the basics of craft professions in the above-mentioned areas through 4-month courses. Attendance should be discussed with the responsible Immigration Office, especially if you are not registered in Duisburg or Moers. The project addresses people from Afghanistan, Albania, Gambia, Ghana, Iraq, Kosovo, Morocco, Nigeria, Senegal, Serbia and Tunisia.Depending on the course, the program offers introductions to • Work safety • Tool and material science • Reading and understanding technical drawings • Basics of Mathematics • Theories and techniques • manufacture components • Maintain technical systems • Correct use of simple machinesRequirements:
None (Travel expenses are paid)
4 months
Duisburg and Moers
German (If you do not understand German, please let us know when you register. The educational center of Handwerk Duisburg can then provide an interpreter.)
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