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Since 01 January, 2024, the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) has been responsible for processing REAG/GARP 2.0 and StarthilfePlus applications and organizing the departure.

Currently longer processing times for REAG/GARP 2.0 applications

Due to the continued high volume of applications, there are currently longer processing times for applications. Therefore, please be aware that it can currently take up to eight weeks for complete applications to be processed and for you to receive your funding decision.

In individual cases, currently particularly in the case of countries of origin with high numbers of applications, the processing time can be up to twelve weeks.

We are aware that this is a major challenge for you and your clients. We are endeavouring to improve the situation as quickly as possible.

Your REAG/GARP 2.0 development team

The REAG/GARP 2.0 development team can be reached by telephone
Since 04 March, 2024, the REAG/GARP 2.0 development team can be reached by telephone from Monday to Friday in the morning from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and in the afternoon from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. at 0911-943-24899.

Please note that telephone contact is only available to clarify urgent case-related questions that could not be clarified via the OAM chat function in direct contact with the responsible clerk.

You are also welcome to send an email to the mailbox .

Resumption of the payment of GARP (Government Assisted Repatriation Program) start-up assistance at the airport

From 08.04.2024, the payment of GARP start-up assistance at the airport, including support services, will be possible again. In order to provide you with the best possible information about the resumption of payments and their future process, we have created a question/answer catalog as well as a handout for people leaving the country. Both documents can now be downloaded under Downloads in the login area. In cases where an airport payment is possible, the handout will also be made available via the OAM in German and English together with the funding decision.

If you have any further questions, you are welcome to contact our function mailbox

The BAMF informs: Establishment of "Focus Weeks" within the framework of REAG/GARP 2.0 application processing from Monday, 08.07.2024

As you know, there are currently delays in processing applications due to the continued high volume of applications within the framework of REAG/GARP 2.0. The procedures are continuously reviewed and optimized through the implementation of various measures and adapted to the current situation.

During the so-called focus weeks, REAG/GARP 2.0 applications from certain regions are processed on a weekly basis. At the same time, the priority cases (according to the applicable prioritization criteria) and other applications for the other regions are also processed in the usual way. The aim is to reduce a larger number of older cases from this region in chronological order through increased personnel deployment and close cooperation and communication with the application-submitting bodies (AÜS's) than it would be possible without focus weeks.

The measure begins with the focus on processing the REAG/GARP 2.0 applications of the first region on Monday, 08.07.2024, and ends with the conclusion of the focus week of the last region, probably on Wednesday, 04.09.2024.

So that as many cases as possible can be processed conclusively within the respective focus week, you will find the schedule of the focus weeks below. We ask you to always keep an eye on the schedule so that all AÜS's who have submitted a REAG/GARP 2.0 application for a country in the current focus region can prepare for short-term queries and notifications from the BAMF clerks from the REAG/GARP 2.0 application processing and can answer them promptly. In order to ensure that the application processing runs as smoothly as possible, it is helpful if AÜSs respond to flight booking suggestions at short notice (within one working day) and, ideally, cancel applications for which there is no longer a desire to leave the country at an early stage.


Focus week 1: 08 July to 17 July, 2024 - Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Belarus
Focus week 2: 15 July to 24 July, 2024 - MENA region (Middle East and North Africa)
Focus week 3: 22 July to 31 July, 2024 - APAC region (Asia-Pacific)
Focus week 4: 29 July to 07 August, 2024 - Rest of Africa, America and Georgia
Focus week 5: 05 August to 14 August, 2024 - Western Balkans, North Macedonia and Republic of Moldova
Focus week 6: 12 August to 21 August, 2024 - Republic of Türkiye

Note: The focus weeks overlap, as some work steps of the current focus week and the following focus week will take place in parallel.

When planning the focus weeks, particular attention was paid to ensuring that the countries of origin and destination and regions where the largest number of older cases are currently present are the first to be dealt with.

All AÜSs will be informed separately of the start and end of each focus week by email and via a news message on ReturningfromGermany.

If you have any further questions about the focus weeks, please feel free to contact us via the functional mailbox

The BAMF informs: Adjustment of the funding criteria for Turkish nationals from 01.07.2024

The federal and state governments have jointly decided to temporarily adjust and implement the funding criteria and amounts for departures for Turkish nationals. This measure is initially limited to the period from 01.07. until 31.12.2024, with the option of extension. It affects applications received from 01.07.2024.

Adjustment of the eligibility criteria for Turkish nationals from 01.07.2024

From 01.07.2024, persons with Turkish citizenship who have stayed in Germany for up to six months can only be granted travel expenses and financial support for the trip in the event of a voluntary return. The date of application is decisive for proof of the length of stay.

To determine the length of stay, the entry stamp on the visa (if applicable) and, in the case of rejected asylum seekers, the apprehension report, the date of issue of the proof of arrival or the initial registration in the Central Register of Foreigners (AZR) are used to determine the start of the calculation period. The date of application is used to determine the end of the calculation period.

Persons with Turkish nationality who have been staying in Germany for more than six months:

For people who have stayed for more than six months, the regular REAG/GARP 2.0 funding including GARP assistance (1st start-up assistance) can still be granted. These people can also continue to apply for StarthilfePlus funding (2nd start-up assistance) and EURP benefits.

Persons with Turkish nationality who have been staying in Germany for less than six months:

From 01.07.2024, only travel expenses and a travel allowance of EUR 200.00 per person (EUR 100.00 per person under 18 years of age) can be granted for persons staying for less than six months. StarthilfePlus funding (2nd start-up aid) and/or EURP benefits are no longer available.

Persons with Turkish nationality who have been residing in Germany for less than six months and who have reasonable grounds to suspect that they are making improper use of benefits:

For applications where the duration of stay is less than six months and there are indications of improper use of return assistance, only travel costs and a reduced travel allowance (according to point 2.4.3 in conjunction with point 4.2.2 of the REAG/GARP 2.0 funding program) of EUR 50.00 per person (EUR 25.00 per person under 18 years of age) can be granted. StarthilfePlus funding and/or EURP benefits are not available.

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